Policies: Health and safety, winter weather, rules and data protection

We take the safety of the pupils very seriously in the dance school. This policy details how we handle health and safety, winter weather and the data protection of our students.

Health and Safety Policy

The school’s responsibility to you the parents and the pupils:

  1. All teachers at the dance school have PVG checks (protecting vulnerable groups)
  2. All teachers have a degree in dance and or teaching qualifications.
  3. All teachers do regular first aid courses and are up to date with these.
  4. Teachers will perform first aid should the need arise and or call the emergency services if deemed necessary, we shall contact you at the same time.
  5. Teachers are only responsible for the pupils in class time in the dance studio/halls.

The parent’s and pupil’s responsibility

  1. All parents must fill in a registration form with emergency contact details and medical information, please do let teachers know in advance of illnesses, injuries and anything that can affect the dancer in dance class.
  2. Parents are responsible for informing us of any change of telephone numbers or medical issues.
  3. Parents are responsible for their children out with class times, in the changing areas, toilets, car parks and venues.
  4. Please be aware other users may use the halls so please respect them and don’t allow your children to run around venues or leave litter, put litter in the bins or take home with you. Some people may be working in the venues so please respect them too.
  5. Please label all uniform including dance shoes. We are not responsible for lost property.
  6. Please make sure your child is on time for dance class so we can take a register and warm the pupils up properly. (It’s extremely important that the pupils are there at registration and for the warm up)
  7. Please ensure your child does not wear jewelry, this is for the safety of your child and others in the room. Please leave jewelry and valuables at home where possible.
  8. If late please knock on the door when the music has stopped and send your child in quietly so as not to disturb the other pupils and the teacher in class.
  9. Please give us 4 weeks notice in writing if your child wishes to leave her/his class. We need to take your child off the registers and delete contact details when they do leave to comply with Data Protection.
  10. No refunds will be given once fees are paid.
  11. Fees paid after a two week window will incur an administration fee of 10%. 

Winter Weather

Please note: Due to severe unforeseen weather conditions, we may experience in the winter we will endeavor to run all classes.  Should classes be cancelled in severe cases your child can make up lost classes the following week. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for cancelled classes due to the weather conditions as salaries still have to be paid and some rents are already paid.

Data Protection

  1. We will only ask for your emergency telephone numbers in case of an emergency, your child’s name and age, we need to know their age to make sure the class they are in is the appropriate one and also if they take an RAD exam that they are eligible to sit the exam. The RAD have age restrictions in certain exams. We need to know medical conditions to make the teachers aware of possible illnesses in class or injuries.
  2. We will not share your telephone number with third parties. We will be required to share your child’s date of birth with the RAD and they may need to know of medical conditions when entering for an exam.
  3. Please give us 4 weeks notice in writing as we will delete all your information when you leave in accordance with Data Protection.
  4. We will keep your numbers and child’s information on our phones and computers with a pass code and we will keep any paper copies in a locked file.

We do hope you and your child are happy at the dance school, we will teach the pupils to our best ability and look forward to seeing them each week.

Angela Watson,